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11 May 2024

    Every Day is Relatives Day for Cypriots

    In the heart of Cyprus, familial ties bind tighter than anywhere else in Europe. An EU study revealed a staggering statistic: more than half of Cypriots convene with kin daily, the highest percentage in Europe. This is a society where family often substitutes for friends, and trust is a commodity reserved almost exclusively for blood relations.

    The European Social Survey paints a picture of a nation wary of outsiders, with only 1.6 percent of Cypriots believing in the trustworthiness of others. This skepticism isn’t unfounded, given Cyprus’s history of occupation and economic turmoil. It’s no surprise then that the island’s inhabitants have cultivated a robust support network within their own extended families.

    Marina Panayiotou, a private English teacher from Nicosia, knows all too well the demands of this close-knit culture. “It’s exhausting,” she admits, detailing the endless stream of relatives visiting for coffee or assistance. Yet, despite the fatigue, Marina wouldn’t have it any other way. The trust and support within her family circle are irreplaceable, especially in light of the fact that nearly half of Cypriots lack confidence in their police force and legal system.

    Indeed, when professional services are viewed with suspicion, Cypriots turn to their kin for help. Marina’s family is a prime example: from legal advice to medical care, they rely on each other’s expertise. This self-sufficiency not only fosters trust but also ensures safety within the community.

    Despina Nikolaou, a social worker, recounts her family’s reliance on relatives during the 1974 crisis. Forced to flee Famagusta, they found refuge and sustenance with kin in Limassol and later in the UK. It’s this unwavering support in times of need that underscores the importance of family among Cypriots.

    While some may find the constant presence of relatives overwhelming, it’s clear that for Cypriots, family is more than just company—it’s a lifeline. In Cyprus, every day is indeed ‘Visit your Relatives Day’, a testament to the resilience and unity of its people.


    How does the 2010 EU study on family connections impact our understanding of Cypriot society?

    The 2010 EU study on family connections sheds light on the strong familial bonds in Cypriot society, highlighting the role of close-knit family units in social support and business, influencing societal dynamics and economic practices.

    Can family connections in Cyprus impact individuals social and professional lives significantly?

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