Paphos Man, 82, Arrested for Attempted Murder After Shooting

Investigation Underway in Paphos Shooting Incident

In a shocking turn of events, an 82-year-old man from Paphos has been taken into custody under the grave suspicion of attempted murder. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, has sent ripples through the local community.

According to reports, the elderly man discharged a firearm within a building located in a village in the Paphos district. The gunshot, which was not directed at any individual, struck a light fixture. However, the incident did not unfold without consequence. Four individuals present during the event sustained injuries and were promptly rushed to the Paphos general hospital. After receiving first aid treatment, they were discharged, having avoided life-threatening harm.

The police have since been piecing together the details of the case and are considering several serious charges against the man. These include attempted murder, acts intended to cause actual bodily harm, carrying a weapon with the intent to incite terror, and illegal use of a firearm. The severity of these allegations reflects the potential danger of the situation that unfolded.

The community awaits as the accused is expected to make an appearance at the Paphos district court. As the legal proceedings commence, many are left pondering the circumstances that led to such a drastic action by an octogenarian.

Authorities have not yet disclosed a motive or any preceding events that may have led to the shooting. The police’s investigation is ongoing, with efforts focused on understanding the full scope of the incident and ensuring justice is served. The safety and well-being of the community remain paramount as residents come to terms with the unsettling occurrence.


What led to the Paphos gunshot incident?

The Paphos incident was triggered by a personal dispute, escalating to a firearm being discharged. No criminal intent towards the public was identified.

Can gunshot residue link the 82-year-old to the crime scene?

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