State Prepares for Prosecutions in Nicolaou Killing Case

Renewed Call for Justice in Nicolaou Case

After nearly two decades of controversy surrounding the death of national guardsman Thanasis Nicolaou, the tide appears to be turning as investigator Savvas Matsas urges the state to prepare for criminal prosecutions against those responsible for the killing. The recent inquiry, which concluded that Nicolaou was strangled, has sparked a demand for a thorough murder investigation.

The case, which had been previously labeled a suicide by authorities, has been shrouded in allegations of a cover-up. Matsas, who was removed from his role after publicly declaring Nicolaou’s death a murder, emphasized the challenges of gathering evidence after such a long time. Despite these difficulties, he remains optimistic about the possibility of substantiating criminal charges with an honest and capable investigation team.

Nicolaou’s family has been adamant that the Attorney General (AG), police, or national guard should not be involved in any new probe, citing their historical stance over the past 19 years. The family’s lawyer, Leto Cariolou, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the ethical concerns of the AG’s office’s previous assertions of suicide.

While police spokesman Christos Andreou refrained from commenting in detail, he noted that the police are awaiting instructions from the legal service. Meanwhile, President Nikos Christodoulides did not dismiss the possibility of a cabinet-appointed investigator stepping in. He stressed the need to understand why necessary actions may not have been taken since 2005.

The legal service is reportedly examining Friday’s verdict, as confirmed by President Christodoulides’ conversation with the AG and his deputy. With the government now seemingly holding the reins, there is a growing expectation for decisive action to ensure justice for Thanasis Nicolaou and his family.

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Whats new in Thanasis Nicolaous murder investigation?

Recent developments in Thanasis Nicolaous murder case include fresh forensic analysis and a re-examination of witness statements, potentially leading to new leads.

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