Larnaca Biennale Spurs Cultural Stewardship and Revival

14 May 2024

    A Visionary’s Role in Cyprus’ Artistic Renaissance

    In the heart of the Mediterranean, a noble advocate for the arts is making waves. Chiara Modica Donà dalle Rose, a lawyer, philanthropist, art curator, and collector, is championing the cultural stewardship of Italian heritage while simultaneously fostering an artistic and cultural revival in Cyprus.

    With a lineage tracing back to the Hapsburgs and Normans, Chiara has embraced her noble roots to promote cultural exchange and democracy, drawing inspiration from Venice’s historical inclusivity. Her foundation in Venice is a testament to her dedication to preserving and celebrating Italian culture through a contemporary lens.

    Chiara’s influence extends to Cyprus, where she has become an integral part of the local art scene, particularly through her involvement with the Larnaca Biennale. Her work in Cyprus continues her family’s legacy of protecting cultural heritage, shining a light on the island’s rich artistic narratives.

    Her connection to Cyprus is deepened by her respect for its ancient stories. Chiara sees art as a timeless bridge, connecting past and present, reality and imagination. This philosophy drives her efforts to preserve and innovate Cypriot cultural expressions.

    As an art patron, Chiara has introduced international artists to the Larnaca Biennale while promoting Cypriot talent, thus enhancing the island’s artistic discourse. She actively incorporates these artists into her global collection, elevating their work on an international stage.

    Chiara’s philanthropic work supports projects that align with her vision of art as a catalyst for social change. Her foundation carefully selects initiatives based on artistic and cultural merit rather than notoriety.

    One of her latest projects is a documentary capturing the “soul of Cyprus,” which aims to highlight the island’s cultural wealth. This endeavor is both a personal journey and a professional mission to share Cyprus’ heritage with a worldwide audience.

    Looking ahead, Chiara plans a grand biennale to connect Cyprus with other cultural hubs, promoting global dialogue through art. She believes that art transcends national boundaries and celebrates universal themes that unite us all.

    Chiara’s passion for art is deeply philosophical, valuing its ability to resonate across time and space. Her mission in Cyprus is to forge connections through art that transcend temporal and geographical boundaries.

    Chiara Modica Donà dalle Rose’s role in Cyprus’ cultural evolution is transformative. Her efforts ensure that the island’s heritage and contemporary artistic expressions are not only preserved but also celebrated. Her story exemplifies the power of art as a guardian of history and a herald of dialogue. In her vision, the arts in Cyprus will continue to thrive, evolve, and inspire for generations to come.

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    Who is the art patron behind the Larnaca Biennale?

    The Larnaca Biennale, a notable event in Cypruss cultural calendar, is supported by a collective of local sponsors and cultural organizations rather than a single patron.

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