Monks Testify in Church Probe, Unveil Monetary Scandal

14 May 2024

    Monks Testify in Church Scandal Investigation

    In a recent turn of events, the Osiou Avakoum monastery has become the focal point of a church scandal that has sent ripples through the religious community. Monks Isaias and Timotheos, accompanied by their legal representatives Adrianna Klaedes and Anastasios Vavouskos, presented their testimonies to the church investigative committee. The session, which lasted approximately two hours for each monk, is part of an ongoing inquiry into allegations of misconduct at the monastery located in Finikoudes.

    The scope of the investigation encompasses accusations of money laundering, scamming, and what has been described as ‘unethical acts’ involving sexual relations between monks. Concurrently, police are delving into claims of sexual harassment and abuse linked to the monastery. The proceedings on Tuesday commenced at 9:30 am, with monk Avvakoum scheduled to appear later that day at 5 pm.

    Vavouskos commented on the day’s proceedings, noting the professionalism with which the investigation was being conducted. “The statements went smoothly. I must say, the investigator and clerk, both clergymen, are performing their duties with courtesy and dignity,” he stated. Despite lawyers being barred from attending the proceedings, Vavouskos expressed optimism for the remainder of the process.

    Archimandrite Nektarios, who testified a day prior for an extended period of four hours, submitted a list of 20 witnesses from both within and outside Cyprus. The allegations against Archimandrites Nektarios and Porfirios are severe, including being found with substantial sums of cash and property holdings in Greece and Limassol. Additionally, they have been implicated in explicit CCTV footage and a video depicting a monk assaulting a female cleaner at the monastery. Despite these charges, they have vehemently denied all wrongdoing, attributing the accusations to a targeted conspiracy against them.

    In a heartfelt social media statement last month, Nektarios expressed how the situation has deeply affected him but reaffirmed his unwavering faith in God amidst the turmoil. As the church investigative committee continues its work, many await further developments in this unfolding scandal.


    What is the history of the Osiou Avakoum monastery?

    The Osiou Avakoum monastery, established in the 16th century, stands as a testament to Byzantine monastic architecture and religious heritage, reflecting centuries of spiritual tradition and historical resilience.

    Can monks from Osiou Avakoum monastery testify for hours?

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