City Targets Tax Revenue Gap by Pursuing Non-Filers and Owed Revenue

Enhancing Tax Collection in the City

Amidst the bustling city life, a significant rally unfolded prior to the city’s Finance and Management Committee meeting. City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan highlighted a pressing issue: the need to bolster tax collection efforts. Kaplan pointed out that there are two distinct groups of businesses that require attention – those that have filed but have outstanding taxes, and those that have not filed any tax documents at all.

Kaplan expressed her belief that tax revenue could be substantially increased by focusing on non-filers. “It’s my understanding that years ago that was a greater focus,” Kaplan said, emphasizing the importance of identifying and encouraging non-filers to contribute their share to the city’s coffers.

On the same note, Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas stressed the importance of owed revenue for the city’s fiscal health. Bas underscored the tangible benefits of efficient revenue collection, stating, “each $1 million we successfully collect in owed revenue can maintain several city workers.” She eagerly anticipates the upcoming Revenue Report, which is expected to pave the way for improved systems and immediate action on collecting owed revenue.

The call for better tax collection has resonated with union leaders from various sectors, who have united in their stance. They demand accountability and clear action from the City Administration to ensure corporations are contributing their fair share. Zac Unger, President of IAFF 55, articulated the collective sentiment by highlighting the incongruity of discussing cuts for first responders while millions in tax revenues remain uncollected.

City officials have acknowledged the need to modernize and improve tax collection processes. They noted that the estimated uncollected taxes, based on three years of data, represent a small fraction of the city’s overall budget. However, they also recognized that these estimates are subject to fluctuations based on economic health and other factors. Additionally, a recent ransomware attack has posed further challenges to tax collection efforts this year.

The city’s determination to address these issues is clear as it works towards ensuring financial stability and equitable tax contribution from all businesses within its jurisdiction.

Tax collection

How will the city modernize Tax collection to address evasion?

The city plans to modernize tax collection by implementing advanced analytics and AI to identify evasion patterns, enhancing digital payment systems for ease of use, and increasing transparency and taxpayer education to reduce evasion incentives.

Does the city plan to modernize Tax collection methods?

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