Nicosia Festivals Focus on Women’s Health, Young Musicians

15 May 2024

    Festive Weekend Brimming with Cultural Delights

    As the island’s events calendar continues to burgeon, this weekend promises an eclectic mix of festivals, performances, and discussions that cater to diverse interests. From the healing arts to the celebration of women’s health, and the vibrancy of young musicians, there’s something for everyone.

    In the capital city of Nicosia, On Bodies Fest is currently underway, transforming Dance House Lefkosia into a hub of contemporary performances. The festival, which spans the entire weekend, invites attendees to experience artistic interpretations of ‘healing’ through dance and movement. Performances are not confined to the stage alone but spill into gardens and outdoor spaces, creating an immersive cultural experience.

    Simultaneously, the 3rd Femme Fest is set to take over the Nicosia Municipal Gardens with a focus on women’s issues. The festival will feature discussions and workshops on topics such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and the impact of wars on women. Alongside serious discourse, attendees can enjoy live music, children’s activities, and a vibrant street party.

    Continuing the theme of women’s health, a conference on menopause is scheduled at the University of Cyprus. Organized by OneCare Group and AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe, the event promises insightful discussions from invited speakers on this significant phase in women’s lives.

    For those with a penchant for gastronomy and music, the Zambartas Spring Fest at Ayios Ambrosios winery offers a delightful combination of local wines and savory treats. As evening falls, guests can groove to funk and reggae tunes by the band Mr Wilson.

    Emerging talent takes center stage at the Fengaros High event in Dali, where young musicians vie for a chance to perform at the Fengaros Festival. The lineup includes six acts that promise to bring fresh energy and creativity to the audience.

    Laughter is on the agenda too, with the inaugural edition of the Cyprus Comedy Festival. A series of stand-up gigs, workshops, and open mic performances are set to tickle funny bones in Limassol and Nicosia.

    The charming village of Lania invites visitors to its annual Lanes & Courtyards event, offering a blend of crafty activities and performances that appeal to all ages.

    The weekend also features an array of other events including art exhibitions, traditional festivals, and milestone celebrations like the 10th anniversary of Old Market St bar in Larnaca. With such a rich tapestry of events woven into the weekend, festival-goers are spoilt for choice.


    What festivals are happening in Nicosia this weekend?

    This weekend in Nicosia, the Cyprus Food & Wine Festival is a highlight, showcasing local gastronomy and vineyards, alongside cultural performances and workshops.

    Can you attend any of the festivals in Nicosia this weekend?

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