Green Point Offers Free Waste Collection in Larnaca Until September

Larnaca Enhances Environmental Efforts with Temporary Waste Collection Spot

In a move to bolster its environmental initiatives, the coastal city of Larnaca has announced the extension of operations for its temporary “Green Point” waste collection spot. This initiative will continue to serve the community through the end of September, providing residents with a convenient location to responsibly dispose of various types of waste.

The Green Point, situated on Vassilis Michaelides Street in front of the Technical School of Ayios Lazaros, welcomes a broad range of materials. Residents can drop off green garden waste, timber, furniture, metals, paper and cardboard boxes, PMD (plastic materials), glass packaging, clothing, electrical and electronic devices, and more without incurring any fees. Additionally, the disposal service extends to frying oils, household batteries up to 2kg, lamps, and fluorescents, ensuring that hazardous materials are handled appropriately.

For those unable to transport their waste to the Green Point themselves, the municipality offers a convenient solution. A pickup service by a municipal crew is available for prepayment. This service can be arranged by contacting the Cleaning or Gardens and Parks Departments via several phone numbers: 24658722, 24816540, 24816541, 24816542, and 80006500. This additional service underscores the municipality’s commitment to making waste disposal accessible to all its residents.

The temporary waste collection spot operates six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, opening its gates early at 6 am and closing at 7:30 pm. This schedule provides ample opportunity for Larnaca’s citizens to contribute to the city’s cleanliness and sustainability efforts.

With the establishment of the temporary Green Point in Larnaca, the municipality is taking a significant step towards enhancing its waste management system and promoting environmental stewardship among its residents. This initiative reflects a growing trend among cities worldwide to develop more sustainable practices and reduce their ecological footprint.

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Where is Larnacas waste collection spot located?

Larnacas main waste collection site is situated at the Larnaca Solid Waste Transfer Station, strategically positioned to serve the city and surrounding areas efficiently.

Can you drop off waste at Larnacas collection spot on Mondays?

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