Finyard Donates Party Proceeds to Aid Children’s Charity

15 May 2024

Community Support at the Heart of Finyard’s Mission

In a heartwarming display of community support, Finyard, a leading software solutions provider in Limassol, has extended its philanthropic reach by making a generous donation to the “Little Heroes” children’s charity. This foundation has been a beacon of hope since 2017, officially earning its license in 2021, and is dedicated to aiding young cancer and leukaemia patients and their families through financial aid and psychological care.

The recent Finyard Connect techno party, a collaborative event with Mason Bar held on May 5, 2024, was more than just a night of music and dance featuring renowned DJs Ame, Echonomist, and Hard to Tell. It also served as a fundraiser for this noble cause. Dmitrij Pruglo, CEO of Finyard, expressed the company’s alignment with the values of “Little Heroes,” emphasizing the importance of corporate social responsibility and the desire to contribute positively to the Cypriot community.

Kostas Pantelides, Vice President of “Little Heroes,” gratefully acknowledged Finyard’s contribution. He highlighted the significance of such donations in supporting local children battling cancer and commended the tech industry’s role in fostering community welfare in Cyprus.

Finyard’s commitment to social responsibility doesn’t stop here. With a history of contributions including support for the “Movember” campaign and providing supplies to a local dog shelter, the company’s CSR initiatives continue to grow. With plans already in motion for future projects, Finyard is set on making a lasting impact on the community.

Those interested in learning more about Finyard’s services and community efforts can visit their official website for further information.


How much did Finyard donate from their techno party to Little Heroes?

Finyards techno party raised a generous $5,000, which was fully donated to Little Heroes to support their commendable work with children.

Can you donate to Little Heroes like Finyard did?

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