Duo Sentenced for Drug Crimes, €48.9K Seized in Paphos Raid

Substantial Sentences for Drug-Related Crimes

In a significant crackdown on narcotics activities, the Paphos criminal court has delivered stringent sentences to two individuals involved in a substantial drug operation. The court’s decision reflects a tough stance on crimes of drug trafficking, drug possession, and money laundering. The accused, men aged 27 and 35, have been sentenced to 15 and nine years of incarceration, respectively.

The older of the two men also faces financial repercussions, with the court mandating the forfeiture of assets valued at €48,900. This order underscores the legal system’s commitment to disrupting the financial underpinnings of drug-related activities.

The case unfolded on July 31, 2023, when law enforcement officials seized a large haul of narcotics. The Paphos drug squad Ykan, acting on intelligence, intercepted approximately 27kgs of cannabis and 12kgs of cocaine in a coordinated raid. The operation targeted an open field near Paphos, where the younger suspect was apprehended while attempting to conceal the illicit substances.

Further investigation led to the discovery of additional packages of cocaine hidden within the suspect’s vehicle. The swift action of the Ykan officers resulted in the immediate arrest of the 27-year-old. A subsequent arrest of his alleged accomplice, the 35-year-old man, solidified the case against them.

The successful operation by Ykan and the subsequent court rulings send a clear message that the justice system remains vigilant and unyielding in its pursuit of those involved in the trade and distribution of drugs. The severity of the sentences handed down reflects the gravity with which such offenses are viewed and serves as a deterrent to others who might consider engaging in similar criminal conduct.


What drugs were seized in the Paphos drug squad raid?

During the Paphos drug squad raid, authorities confiscated a substantial quantity of cocaine, cannabis, and MDMA, striking a significant blow to local illicit drug operations.

Can you name the drugs seized by the Paphos squad on July 31?

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