Technopolis 20 Hosts Diverse Live Music Events in Paphos

A Cultural Feast at Technopolis 20: Tango, Tributes, and Timeless Classics

The cultural heartbeat of Paphos is set to pulsate with rhythm and melody as cultural centre Technopolis 20 gears up for a series of live music performances that promise to captivate audiences. The lineup is as diverse as it is enchanting, featuring everything from the sultry steps of the Argentinian tango to the divine reverence of a Christian hymn.

On a Wednesday evening, the air will be filled with the passionate strains of the tango as guitarist and composer Sotiris Kasparides, alongside violinist Eirini Leoni, take the stage for their Face to Face recital. This performance not only celebrates the legacy of Astor Piazzolla but also introduces original compositions by Kasparides himself. The night will be an ode to the sensual world of Latin American dances, including salsa and bachata, promising a vibrant auditory journey.

The following night, the ancient stones of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite will resonate with the sounds of Emerging Aphrodite, a concert that pays homage to the Goddess Aphrodite. Marlia Coeur, a Paphos native, will weave a tapestry of sound using traditional instruments to bring forth a fusion of traditional folk songs and Orphic Hymns in a setting as timeless as the music itself.

As the week progresses, Technopolis 20 welcomes a trio of classical talent with Anoki von Arx, Vasiliki Konstantinou, and Milena Romanova performing the poignant Stabat Mater sequence. This sacred piece, alongside works by luminaries such as JS Bach and Beethoven, promises to be a soul-stirring experience.

The evenings of music continue into May, with an exciting garden opening event that heralds the summer season at Technopolis 20. With such a rich array of performances, from recitals dedicated to the Argentinian tango to concerts venerating the Goddess Aphrodite, and renditions of timeless classics, Paphos is poised to become a nexus of cultural delight.

  • Face to Face Recital: May 15, Technopolis 20, Paphos. 8pm. €12.
  • Emerging Aphrodite Concert: May 16, Archaeological site of Palaepaphos, Sanctuary of Aphrodite, Kouklia, Paphos. 7pm. €15.
  • Stabat Mater: Pergolesi: May 20, Technopolis 20, Paphos. 8pm. €15.

Tickets and further details for these enchanting evenings can be obtained by contacting Technopolis 20 directly at Tel: 7000-2420.


What concerts are scheduled at Technopolis 20 in Paphos?

As of my last update, I dont have current scheduling details for Technopolis 20 in Paphos. For the most accurate and up-to-date concert information, please visit their official website or contact the venue directly.

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