Biden, Trump Set for First 2024 Presidential Debate on June 27

Presidential Candidates Biden and Trump Set for June Debate

In a significant development in the 2024 presidential race, U.S. President Joe Biden and his Republican adversary, Donald Trump, have agreed to participate in their first debate of the election season. The event, hosted by CNN, is scheduled for June 27 and is anticipated to be a pivotal moment in the contest for the White House.

Biden, taking to social media, signaled his readiness to confront Trump, who he has previously criticized for his debating skills. Trump, not one to shy away from a challenge, accepted the invitation with gusto, labeling Biden as “the worst debater” he has ever encountered. The debate is set to take place in CNN’s Atlanta studio without an audience, a decision highlighting Georgia’s status as a key battleground state in the upcoming November elections.

While the two candidates have also agreed to a second debate on ABC come September 10, their camps continue to spar over the conditions of the debates. Biden has called for strict rules to minimize interruptions, whereas Trump has advocated for additional debates and a larger venue to enhance the excitement factor.

The stakes are high as both candidates will be scrutinized not only for their political stances but also for their age. With Biden at 81 and Trump at 78 by the time of the first debate, their performances will be under intense observation. Alan Schroeder, a professor emeritus at Northeastern University and an expert on presidential debates, emphasized the heightened scrutiny both candidates will face due to their age.

As the details of the debate format and topics are still being ironed out, there is a clear departure from tradition with Biden’s proposal for direct negotiations on the debate rules between the two campaigns. This move comes as Biden seeks to improve his standing in opinion polls where he currently trails Trump in crucial states.

Trump’s eagerness for debates predates this announcement; he has been vocal about his desire for a one-on-one matchup with Biden. Meanwhile, Biden’s team has made specific requests regarding the networks eligible to host the debates, focusing on those that have hosted primary debates for both parties in previous election cycles.

Both campaigns have expressed disinterest in participating in the traditional debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates. In a letter from Biden’s campaign chair, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, she criticized the commission’s past difficulties in enforcing debate rules and emphasized that debates should serve American voters rather than provide spectacle.

As anticipation builds for these high-profile encounters, all eyes will be on how these debates could shape the course of the presidential race.


What topics will Biden and Trump cover in the June 27 debate?

Biden and Trump are expected to debate key issues such as the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, and climate change in the upcoming June 27th face-off.

Can Biden outperform Trump in the June 27 debate?

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