Standard Digital Offers Expert Analysis in Weekend Print for €69/Month

16 May 2024

    Enhancing Your News Experience with FT’s Comprehensive Subscriptions

    For those who demand a thorough understanding of the world’s financial currents, the FT Subscription models present a variety of options tailored to fit different needs. The Weekend Print + Standard Digital package, now available for 69 € per month, offers a compelling blend of convenience and depth. Subscribers can immerse themselves in global news and analysis, enriched with expert opinion and the FT’s flagship investment column, Lex.

    The package is not just about the articles; it includes access to the FT App on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that subscribers can stay informed on-the-go. The FT Edit app further refines the experience, allowing users to personalize their news feed. With FirstFT, readers start their day with the biggest stories, and with over 20 curated newsletters, they are always ahead of the curve.

    Subscribers to this package also benefit from the FT Digital Edition, which is a digitized version of the print edition, offering the same in-depth analysis and special features as the physical newspaper. The digital realm extends to videos and podcasts, providing a multimedia approach to storytelling.

    For those who prefer the tactile feel of paper, the Weekday Print Edition and FT Weekend delivery options are available. These come with all the perks of digital access, ensuring that subscribers never miss out on exclusive FT analysis or the opportunity to share content with colleagues and friends through gift articles.

    The FT’s subscription models are designed to cater to a range of preferences while maintaining the gold standard in journalism. Whether it’s through the Standard Digital or Premium Digital options, subscribers are equipped with tools like myFT to follow topics, set alerts, and stay ahead in their field with expert analysis from industry leaders.

    In an era where information is power, the FT Subscription packages offer an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of global markets with confidence and clarity.

    FT Subscription

    What does a Standard Digital FT Subscription offer for 69 €/month?

    A Standard Digital FT Subscription provides full access to Financial Times global news, analysis, and expert opinion, plus alerts, market data, and an ePaper edition, at 69 €/month.

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