Paphos Chamber Seeks Faster Road Project by wwweurobank

Urgent Call for Improved Access to Paphos Airport

In a recent statement to the Cyprus News Agency, Georgios Mai, the president of the Paphos Chamber of Commerce (Keve), emphasized the critical need for a new road connecting Paphos airport with key tourist destinations. This infrastructure project is seen as vital for enhancing the region’s accessibility and supporting its tourism industry.

Mai highlighted that the construction of a coastal road linking Paphos airport to the tourist hubs of Paphos, Yeroskipou, and Peyia is not just a wish but a necessity. He suggested that the government could expedite the process by declaring it a matter of public interest, as all supporting documentation is readily available.

The president also proposed interim improvements to the existing road network as a viable alternative. In discussions with Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades, Mai advocated for the appointment of an environmental expert to conduct a comprehensive study. This study would provide scientific backing for the road network expansion and offer insights into best practices from environmentally sensitive areas across Europe.

Mai stressed the importance of considering the perspectives of environmental NGOs and local municipalities. He expressed concern that the environmental authority had previously overlooked significant findings from an environmental impact assessment, focusing narrowly on the airport access road rather than the broader area.

According to Mai, the government has yet to propose incentives or alternative solutions for better servicing Paphos airport, leaving much to be desired in terms of infrastructure development in the region.

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What is the Paphos Chamber of Commerces request regarding the construction of a road to Paphos airport?

The Paphos Chamber of Commerce is advocating for the expedited construction of a new road to Paphos airport to improve accessibility and stimulate economic growth.

Can the government expedite the road construction linking Paphos airport to tourist areas?

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