Cyprus Corridor Boosts Gaza Aid Delivery via JLOTS Pier

Collaborative Humanitarian Efforts Underway in Gaza

In a significant step towards international cooperation, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus has expressed its enthusiasm for the joint efforts with the United States and the United Kingdom to enhance the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Ministry’s social media statement highlighted the proud partnership with these nations as key Amalthea partners, working in accordance with the 2720 UN Mechanism.

The aid is being sent via the Cyprus maritime corridor to the JLOTS pier off the coast of Gaza, marking the first mission of its kind to this location. The initiative serves as a testament to the power of shared service and the commitment to providing much-needed assistance to Palestinian civilians.

The US Central Command has also taken to social media to share updates on the mission’s progress. Early Wednesday morning, personnel were reported to have established a temporary landing site on Gaza beach. This strategic move ensures that aid reaches its destination efficiently while respecting regional boundaries, as no US soldiers have entered Gaza.

With trucks loaded with humanitarian supplies poised to begin their overland journey, the anticipation for relief is palpable. The United Nations is set to receive the aid and oversee its distribution, ensuring that it reaches those in need within Gaza.

These developments underscore the collaborative spirit of international partners working together to alleviate suffering and provide support through well-coordinated humanitarian efforts.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus is collaborating with the US and the UK to increase humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza in line with the 2720 UN Mechanism

How is Cyprus aiding Gaza with the US/UK?

Cyprus facilitates humanitarian aid and dialogue, serving as a neutral ground for discussions and a logistical hub for delivering assistance to Gaza, in coordination with US/UK efforts.

Can Cyprus boost Gaza aid with the US/UK via UN 2720?

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