Thursday Collisions on Limassol Roads; Caution Urged

Multiple Vehicle Collisions Disrupt Limassol Traffic

Commuters on the Limassol motorway and the Limassol bypass faced significant delays this morning due to two separate traffic collisions that occurred around 8 a.m. on Thursday. Authorities are urging motorists to remain vigilant and patient as emergency services respond to the incidents.

The first of the two incidents unfolded on the Limassol bypass, specifically between the Agia Phyla and Mesa Geitonia roundabouts. This collision involved a chain of five vehicles and caused considerable disruption in the direction of Nicosia. Fortunately, despite the potential for serious injury in such a multi-vehicle accident, no injuries have been reported from this event.

Concurrently, another collision echoed the chaos on the Limassol motorway. This incident, mirroring the first, also involved a total of five vehicles and took place near the Agios Athanasios Municipality, with traffic backed up towards Paphos. In this case, two individuals were deemed necessary to be transported to the hospital. These measures are purely precautionary to ensure that no hidden injuries were sustained during the collision.

Police officers have been dispatched to both locations and are actively engaged in investigating the causes of the collisions. In addition to their investigative duties, they are assisting those involved, managing the scenes, and directing the flow of traffic to mitigate further congestion and potential accidents.

The local authorities are reminding drivers to adhere to safety regulations and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when driving conditions are less than ideal. Updates on the traffic situation will be provided as investigations progress and roads are cleared. In the meantime, drivers are advised to seek alternative routes where possible and allow extra time for their journeys.

Two separate traffic collisions occurred around 8 a.m

Were there injuries in the 8 a.m. traffic collisions on Limassol roads?

No injuries were reported in the 8 a.m. traffic collisions on Limassol roads, ensuring a sigh of relief for commuters and local authorities alike.

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