Cyprus Sees Surge in Building Permits for Residential Construction

Surge in Building Permits Signals Growth in Cyprus Construction Sector

In a recent report by the Statistical Service Cystat, the construction sector in Cyprus is showing signs of robust growth, with a notable increase in the issuance of building permits. February saw a significant rise in permits granted by municipal and district authorities, with a total of 706 permits, marking an increase from the figures recorded in January and December, which hovered just below 600.

The cumulative effect of this increase has led to a total of 1,293 permits being issued in the first two months of 2023. This represents a 13% year-on-year increase from the 1,143 permits recorded during the same period in the previous year. Cystat highlights that the issuance of building permits is a key indicator of future activity within the construction sector, suggesting a positive outlook for the industry.

The financial metrics associated with these permits are equally impressive. In February alone, the total value of issued permits reached approximately €248.9 million, covering a total area of 202,600 square meters. These figures underscore the scale of construction projects planned, which include 919 residential buildings. Among these, there are 309 single or double housing units, 482 residential apartment blocks, and 118 mixed-use buildings that combine residential and commercial spaces.

When examining the January-February period, there is a clear upward trend. The total value of permits saw a 16.9% increase from €402.05 million to €470.2 million compared to the same period last year. The total area covered by these permits also expanded by 14.3%, from 350,662 square meters to 400,750 square meters.

Moreover, the number of dwelling units reflected this growth trajectory with a 13.4% increase in the first two months of 2023, rising from 1,546 to 1,703 units when compared to January-February of the previous year. This data encompasses both residential and non-residential buildings and extends to other construction activities such as civil engineering projects, plot divisions, and road construction across various districts.

The uptick in building permits not only signals a healthy demand for new residential buildings but also indicates an overall positive momentum for Cyprus’s construction sector moving forward.

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Why did Cyprus see an increase in building permits to 706 in February?

Cyprus building permits rise to 706 in February, driven by investor confidence, a rebounding economy post-pandemic, and government incentives aimed at stimulating the construction sector.

Can the rise in Cyprus building permits to 706 in February impact construction trends?

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