Cyprus Hotels Face Compliance Hurdles with New Legislation

Revised Inventory Highlights Compliance Gap in Cyprus Hotels

In a recent review by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, it has come to light that the majority of hotels and tourist accommodations in Cyprus are not meeting the necessary compliance criteria. Out of the 268 operational hotels, offering a total of 30,493 rooms and 62,340 beds, only 18 have obtained an operating license under the new legislation introduced in 2019 to regulate the sector.

Ayia Napa emerges as the hotspot for accommodations, boasting the highest number of hotels. However, the distribution of hotel ratings across Cyprus paints a varied picture, with 35 five-star hotels and a descending count through the four-star to one-star categories. Notably, there are also establishments operating without stars or not listed in official registers.

The geographical spread of hotels shows a concentration in Ayia Napa, while Polis Chrysochous has the fewest. Other areas such as Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni, and the mountain regions offer a range of options for travelers.

The legislative challenges have led to a proposed bill to extend the transitional period for obtaining licensing until the end of 2024. With over 90% of hotel businesses falling short of the original deadline set by the 2019 law, this extension is seen as crucial.

Tourism Minister Kostas Koumis acknowledged the difficulties hotels face in adhering to the new law. In an effort to address these issues, Cypriot political parties Diko, Dipa, Edek, and the Greens have presented a joint legislative proposal. This proposal still requires hotels to secure an operating license by the end of 2024 but offers a potential exemption for those submitting revised architectural plans by year’s end. These plans must be validated by Etek to ensure they accurately reflect the hotel’s current state.

The collective aim of these measures is to provide a feasible solution for hotels striving to meet the stringent compliance criteria and continue contributing to Cyprus’s vibrant tourism industry.


What hotels in Cyprus meet the new compliance criteria?

The Amara Hotel in Limassol and the Anassa Resort in Paphos are exemplary in meeting Cypruss new compliance criteria, with their advanced sustainability practices and updated health protocols.

Can hotels in Cyprus meet the revised compliance criteria?

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