Justice Ministry to Upgrade Phone Blocking in Prisons by 2024

Upcoming Prison Phone Deactivation System

Addressing concerns about illicit inmate communications, Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis has announced that a new system deactivating mobile phones in and around the central prisons is expected to be operational within the next 18 months. This development surfaced during a House audit committee session, where the auditor-general’s annual report on the justice ministry was under discussion.

The initiative to prevent inmates from using mobile phones dates back to 2015, with the government awarding a contract for a deactivation system in 2018. However, due to various delays and technological advancements like 5G, the system faced obsolescence before becoming operational. A revised contract in February 2021 set a new deadline, which has also passed without fulfillment.

Amidst these delays, the justice ministry is addressing another critical issue: prison overcrowding. Hartsiotis highlighted ongoing efforts, including the construction of a new building at the open prison site, which should be ready by October, and plans for a new prison complex by 2027. These measures aim to transfer some 240 inmates and provide long-term relief.

In addition to infrastructure updates, Hartsiotis revealed upcoming legislative work to redefine the attorney-general’s office’s functioning. This change, based on a government-commissioned study with input from legal scholars, is touted as one of the most significant legal reforms in the country’s history. The separation of powers remains a focal point in these discussions, as emphasized by MP Irini Charalambidou, advocating for a clear distinction between the attorney-general’s advisory role to the state and prosecutorial duties.

The prison phone deactivation project and legal reforms represent a significant overhaul of the justice system, aiming to enhance security within prison walls and refine legal frameworks for a more robust judiciary.

prison phone deactivation

How will the new prison phone deactivation system affect 5G tech?

The new prison phone deactivation system may lead to advancements in 5G tech, particularly in security protocols and network slicing, ensuring unauthorized devices are efficiently blocked without disrupting legitimate communications.

Can the new system ensure prompt prison phone deactivation with 5G tech?

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