Photo-Enforcement System Cuts Complaints, Boosts Road Safety

In a recent session of the Road Safety Council, chaired by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Alexis Vafeadis, key issues surrounding road safety were brought to the forefront. The meeting, which also included the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Marios Hartsiotis, police officers, and other relevant services, focused on the effectiveness of the photo-marking system and the operational challenges it presents.

The Ministry of Transport announced that Mr. Vafeadis highlighted the photo-marking system’s crucial role in enhancing road safety and its success in reducing fatal road accidents. Encouraging statistics were shared, revealing a significant drop in daily complaints at junctions with fixed cameras—from 800 in early 2022 to an average of 200 by the last quarter.

Both ministers underscored the necessity for improved public information regarding the photo-marking system. Immediate steps will be taken to disseminate details about the system’s operation and to enhance junction markings where it has been implemented.

The council also delved into the practical application of legislation for Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), such as e-scooters, and the challenges posed by rental and operation companies. The ministers stressed the importance of rigorous supervision over company licenses issued by municipalities and general policing of PMD usage.

Furthermore, Minister Vafeadis advocated for the expansion of 30 MPH Speed Limit Zones to promote the safe use of PMDs. Specific initiatives will be launched to implement this change, and potential amendments to the legislative framework will be considered in collaboration with the Union of Municipalities.

This discussion signals a proactive approach by government officials to address road safety concerns and adapt to emerging transportation trends while ensuring that regulations keep pace with technological advancements.

photo-marking system

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