Dherynia Allocates €900K for Final Road Upgrade Phase

In a significant development for the Dherynia region, the municipality has announced that the final phase of road upgrades is nearing completion, with an investment of €900,000 earmarked for this last stretch. This investment is part of a larger initiative that has seen the municipality allocate a total of €2.2 million since 2017 to enhance and improve the local road infrastructure.

The funds for the current phase include a contribution made a year ago by Yiannis Karousos, the former minister of transport. The municipality has detailed that this latest investment will facilitate paving works covering approximately nine kilometers, affecting around 60 roads in the area. This comprehensive upgrade is expected to significantly benefit residents and businesses alike by improving accessibility and transportation efficiency.

Despite the progress, there has been a slight delay in the completion of the works. The municipality cites ongoing paving between Dherynia and Sotiras as one contributing factor. Additionally, there is a pending request with the government seeking assistance for road improvements on the stretch between Dherynia and Frenaros, which could further impact the timeline.

The municipality’s commitment to upgrading Dherynia’s roads reflects an understanding of the critical role infrastructure plays in local development and economic growth. Once completed, the new roads are anticipated to enhance connectivity within the region, promote safer travel, and potentially attract more commerce and tourism to Dherynia.

Residents looking forward to the completion of these road improvements will have to exercise a bit more patience as the municipality navigates the final hurdles. However, the end result promises to bring a significant improvement to the transportation landscape of Dherynia.


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