Elam Edges Out Diko in MEP Elections, CyBC Poll Shows Shift in Political Landscape

Akel and Disy are poised for a fierce contest in the upcoming MEP elections, with the latest CyBC poll indicating a neck-and-neck race between the two parties. The survey, conducted by CMRC-Cypronetwork Ltd between May 22 and 28, sampled 1,200 individuals and offers a snapshot of the current political landscape.

Neck-and-Neck Race

The poll reveals Disy leading with 22.5 percent of the votes, closely followed by Akel at 21.5 percent. This marginal difference underscores the competitive nature of the elections. In a surprising twist, Elam is projected to secure third place with 11 percent of the votes, potentially earning it a seat in the European Parliament. Diko follows with 9.5 percent.

Independent candidate Fidias Panayiotou, who has shown remarkable success in other polls, is tied with Edek and the Green Party, each garnering three percent of the vote. Volt Cyprus trails closely behind with two percent, while the Animal Party and Depa each have 1.5 percent.

Voter Participation

The poll also highlights voter engagement, with 87 percent of respondents indicating they would certainly or probably vote, while 11 percent said they would probably not participate. This high level of engagement could play a crucial role in determining the final outcome of the elections.

MEP Seat Distribution

According to CyBC’s poll, Disy and Akel are each expected to secure two MEP seats, while Elam and Diko would get one seat each. For Disy, incumbent MEP Loucas Fourlas and former Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela appear to be the frontrunners. Akel’s incumbent Giorgos Georgiou looks set to retain his seat, with Anna Theologou and current MEP Niyazi Kızılyürek vying for the second spot.

Diko’s forecasted seat sees existing MEP Costas Mavrides back in position, although Katerina Christofidou is trailing closely behind. Elam’s potential seat could be claimed by either Geadis Geadi or Marios Pelekanos, reflecting the party’s growing influence.

The rise in Elam’s popularity is attributed to Cyprus’ fragmented political landscape and the party’s ability to capitalize on the migration crisis. This development adds another layer of complexity to an already intricate electoral scenario.


What are the latest developments in the MEP elections where Elam is edging out Diko according to the CyBC poll?

The latest CyBC poll indicates a significant shift in the MEP elections, with Elam now edging out Diko. This development suggests a changing political landscape, as Elams increasing support reflects voter sentiment and potential policy shifts. Analysts are closely monitoring this trend.

Can Elam maintain its lead over Diko in the upcoming elections?

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