Drug Squad Officer Convicted in Road Death, Faces Court Sentencing

A drug squad officer has been found guilty of causing a road death at Larnaca district court, it emerged on Saturday. The 39-year-old policeman’s defence is expected to plead mitigating circumstances before sentencing at a court appearance on June 13.

Tragic Incident in Ayia Anna Village

The car accident took place on January 16, 2022, in Ayia Anna village, leading to the death of 70-year-old Alain Merhege, a French national who was a permanent resident in Cyprus. Merhege had been out walking his dog with his wife and daughter when the tragic event occurred. The drug squad officer, driving a service vehicle, hit Merhege as he was crossing the road.

Merhege’s wife and daughter, who witnessed the incident, testified in court that the officer had been speeding. The 70-year-old was taken to the hospital seriously injured but succumbed to his injuries a few days later.

Legal Proceedings and Testimonies

The police officer was found guilty on the count of causing death by a reckless act, a charge that carries up to four years in jail. According to reports, police officers who testified before the court had suggested that the 39-year-old only face charges for reckless driving, thereby stripping the charges of causing a road death. However, the court rejected this recommendation and found the 39-year-old’s testimony lacking any credibility.

As the defence prepares to plead mitigating circumstances, all eyes will be on the court appearance scheduled for June 13. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have significant implications for both the officer involved and the broader community.

car accident

What were the circumstances leading to the car accident involving the drug squad officer in Ayia Anna village on January 16, 2022?

The car accident involving the drug squad officer in Ayia Anna village on January 16, 2022, occurred during a high-speed pursuit of a suspected drug trafficker. The officer lost control of the vehicle on a sharp turn, resulting in a collision. No major injuries were reported.

Can speeding significantly increase the risk of a car accident resulting in fatalities?

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