Arson Attack Causes Fire Damage, Dozens of Animals Burned Alive

1 June 2024

Dozens of animals were burned alive in the Ayios Sylas fire, it emerged on Saturday as a team from the veterinary services went to the area to document the damage. The fire raged for hours on Friday, burning a total of five square kilometres of land, and destroying two businesses.

Devastating Impact on Local Businesses

A livestock farm and a fenced compound with firewood were burned down. Dozens of animals died as a result of the fire, which has been described as a blatant arson attack. Firefighters are still on site to deal with any resurging flames.

A team from Limassol’s district office will also go to the affected area to document the damages, expected to amount to thousands of euros, due to the expanse of land that was burned to ashes. Crops, trees, and wild vegetation were destroyed as a result of the flames, while police operations to track down suspects are underway.

Further Incidents and Ongoing Investigations

A second fire which broke out shortly after 9pm on Friday in Ayios Therapontas, only a few kilometers away from Ayios Sylas, destroyed three donums of wild shrub. It has also been described as an arson attack.

The community is reeling from the loss and devastation caused by these fires. The sight of animals burned alive has left a lasting impact on local residents and business owners alike. As investigations continue, authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward to help bring those responsible for these heinous acts to justice.

The full extent of the fire damage is still being assessed, but it is clear that the economic and emotional toll on the community will be significant. The resilience of the people in Ayios Sylas and Ayios Therapontas will undoubtedly be tested in the coming weeks as they work to rebuild and recover from this tragedy.


What measures are being taken to protect animals from arson attacks like the Ayios Sylas fire?

In response to incidents like the Ayios Sylas fire, authorities are enhancing surveillance, increasing patrols in vulnerable areas, and implementing stricter penalties for arson. Additionally, community awareness programs and collaborations with wildlife organizations aim to protect animals from such threats.

Can animals sense danger from fires and react to escape?

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