Nicosia Pride Parade Celebrates 10 Years, Promotes LGBTQI+ Equity

Hundreds of people attended Nicosia’s pride parade on Saturday, marking 10 years since it was held for the first time. Waving the signature rainbow flag were also diplomats taking part under the Diplomats for Equality banner.

Photos: Christos Theodorides

A Decade of Progress

“We need to continue the great work we have achieved to-date and keep pushing towards LGBTQI+ equity on the island,” Accept LGBTI Cyprus said. The organization emphasized the importance of reminding Cypriot society and decisionmakers that the LGBTQI+ community is still actively demanding respect and full integration for each and every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer non-binary and non-conforming member of their colourful community.

Unity and Celebration

The event unfolded at Nicosia’s municipal garden, beginning in the afternoon with speeches before a march around the centre of the city took revellers back to the same location for celebrations. The atmosphere was electric, filled with vibrant colors, music, and a sense of unity. Participants of all ages and backgrounds came together to celebrate their identities and advocate for equal rights.

The pride parade has grown significantly over the past decade, evolving from a small gathering into a major event that garners international attention. This year’s parade was particularly notable for its inclusivity, featuring a diverse array of participants, from local activists to international diplomats.

Looking Forward

As the sun set over Nicosia, the celebrations continued with performances, speeches, and a renewed commitment to the cause. The pride parade serves as a powerful reminder of how far the LGBTQI+ community has come and how much further there is to go. With each passing year, the event not only celebrates diversity but also strengthens the resolve to achieve true equality.

The message from this year’s pride parade was clear: the fight for LGBTQI+ equity is far from over, but with continued effort and solidarity, a more inclusive future is within reach.

pride parade

How has Nicosias pride parade evolved over the past 10 years since it was first held?

Over the past decade, Nicosias pride parade has transformed from a modest gathering into a vibrant, large-scale celebration of diversity and inclusion. Attendance has surged, corporate sponsorships have increased, and the event now features a variety of cultural and educational activities, reflecting broader societal acceptance.

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