Cyprus Enhances Payroll for Rare Disease Healthcare Services

In a significant move to enhance healthcare services for individuals with rare diseases, the government of Cyprus has announced a series of initiatives aimed at improving the support and treatment available through the national health scheme, Gesy. Health Minister Michael Damianos made the announcement during a seminar on Rare Diseases Day, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enriching and upgrading healthcare provisions.

The seminar, organized by the Pan-Cyprian Alliance for Rare Diseases, highlighted the ongoing efforts to expand Gesy’s capabilities in diagnosing, preventing, and treating a variety of rare diseases. This includes the establishment of specialized clinics and scientific centers within both public and private sectors. Minister Damianos underscored the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare services for patients with rare diseases, ensuring they receive comprehensive care under Gesy.

In addition to enhancing clinical services, the Health Ministry is also focusing on increasing support for healthcare professionals who specialize in rare diseases. This initiative is expected to improve the quality of care and expertise available to patients.

A key aspect of the government’s strategy is the expansion of pharmaceutical treatments. Innovative medicinal products will be provided to patients following internationally accepted guidelines, ensuring that those with rare diseases have access to cutting-edge therapies.

Furthermore, Minister Damianos announced the expansion of neonatal screening programs to include eight additional diseases. This initiative will be carried out over a three-year period with a subsequent two-year evaluation. The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and the paediatric centre Amerikos Argyriou will conduct laboratory work, while clinical responsibilities will be managed by Makarios Hospital.

For cases where local treatment options are not available, the Health Ministry has committed to facilitating care for patients at specialized medical centers abroad, ensuring that no patient is left without necessary treatment due to geographic limitations.

These developments reflect the government’s dedication to addressing the needs of individuals with rare diseases and are a testament to the ongoing improvements in Cyprus’s healthcare system. As Gesy continues to evolve, patients can look forward to more accessible and advanced medical care.

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