Cyprus Restaurants See 75% Capacity in May, Urged to Adjust Lease Costs

Restaurants and bars in Cyprus saw their attendance increase to 75 per cent of their overall capacity during May, according to Neophytos Thrasyvoulou, president of the Federation of Leisure Centre Owners (Osika). This surge was attributed to the recent elections, which drove many Cypriots to these venues for various gatherings and events.

However, Thrasyvoulou isn’t fully satisfied with these figures. He pointed out ongoing uncertainties about tourist numbers that could affect future attendance. To counter this, he emphasised the need for increased efforts to boost flight options and attract more visitors to the island.

Boosting Local Economy

Additionally, Thrasyvoulou urged locals to spend their summer holidays in Cyprus to help strengthen the economy. He believes that by choosing local destinations, Cypriots can play a significant role in supporting the hospitality sector during these uncertain times.

Finally, the Osika president called on business owners to offer competitive prices, making Cyprus a more attractive option compared to other destinations. By doing so, they can ensure that both locals and tourists find value in what Cyprus has to offer.

In the context of business operations, understanding what is a lease becomes crucial for restaurant and bar owners. The lease definition involves a contractual agreement where one party, the lessor, grants the other party, the lessee, the right to use an asset for a specified period in exchange for payment. This lease meaning is essential for business owners as it affects their financial planning and operational stability.

By negotiating favorable lease terms, business owners can manage their costs more effectively, allowing them to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. This strategic approach not only benefits individual businesses but also contributes to the overall attractiveness of Cyprus as a prime destination for both locals and tourists.


What led to a 75% attendance increase in Cyprus restaurants and bars in May, according to Osikas president?

According to Osikas president, the 75% attendance increase in Cyprus restaurants and bars in May was driven by a combination of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, a surge in tourism, and successful marketing campaigns that promoted local dining experiences.

Can restaurants in Cyprus boost attendance by lowering their prices, as suggested by Osikas president?

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