Malawi Vice President’s Aircraft Missing, Search and Rescue Underway

11 June 2024

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In other news, an aircraft carrying Malawi’s vice president, Saulos Klaus Chilima, and nine others has gone missing. The southern African nation’s presidency announced on Monday that Chilima, 51, was aboard a military aircraft that left Lilongwe, the capital, at 09:17 a.m. (0717 GMT). According to Malawi’s Office of the President and Cabinet, search and rescue operations are ongoing.

“All efforts by aviation authorities to make contact with the aircraft since it went off the radar have failed thus far,” the statement said. The aircraft had been scheduled to land at Mzuzu Airport at 10:02 a.m.

Malawi’s information minister, Moses Kunkuyu, told state broadcaster MBC that search efforts had been intensified. Chilima, seen as a potential candidate in next year’s presidential election, was arrested in 2022 over graft allegations. However, a Malawi court dropped the corruption charges against him last month after the director of public prosecutions filed a notice for the case to be discontinued. Chilima has denied any wrongdoing.


What is the status of Saulos Klaus Chilimas missing aircraft in Malawi?

As of now, the status of Saulos Klaus Chilimas missing aircraft in Malawi remains uncertain. Authorities are conducting an extensive search operation, but no definitive information has been released. The situation is under close scrutiny, and updates are expected as the investigation progresses.

Can search and rescue teams find the missing aircraft carrying Malawis vice president?

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