Unsorted Traffic Data Shows Smooth Flow, Police Report

24 June 2024

The latest updates from the Police Headquarters indicate that traffic is running smoothly on the main roads. However, an increase in traffic to urban centers is anticipated on Monday afternoon as tourists return. The police are urging drivers to exercise caution, adhere to the traffic code, and follow the instructions of on-duty officers.

Enhanced Measures for Road Safety

To prevent road collisions and ensure a smooth flow of traffic, the Police have implemented several measures. These include an increased presence of Traffic Division members on motorways, interurban roads, and especially main roads. The goal is to provide all possible assistance to citizens traveling on the road network.

As part of these measures, intensified police checks on traffic offenses will be carried out. Particular emphasis will be placed on offenses that have been proven to contribute to fatal and serious road collisions, such as speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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As we move forward, it’s crucial for both individuals and businesses to stay informed and compliant with regulations. Whether it’s adhering to traffic laws or following proper registration procedures, these steps are essential for maintaining order and fostering growth.

What time is increased traffic expected in urban centers on Monday, according to the Police Press Office?

According to the Police Press Office, increased traffic in urban centers on Monday is expected between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, coinciding with the morning rush hour as commuters head to work.

Can you avoid increased traffic by leaving urban centers before Monday afternoon?

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