Cyprus Wetlands Group Protests Larnaca Park Redevelopment

Title: Larnaca’s Pattichion Park Redevelopment Faces Public Protest Over Environmental Concerns

In the coastal city of Larnaca, the redevelopment of Pattichion Park has become a contentious issue, with the Cyprus Wetlands Conservation group spearheading a protest event scheduled for March 16 at 2:30 p.m. Local citizens and environmental activists are calling for an immediate halt to the construction activities and the implementation of a thorough Environmental Impact Assessment.

At a recent meeting with Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras, the group’s representatives voiced their apprehensions. The mayor revealed that the Game and Fauna Service had approved certain pre-June activities within the project’s scope. Despite this, spokesperson Elena Georgiou emphasized the group’s insistence on an independent environmental impact study and a Special Ecological Assessment, citing past concerns with the Environmental Department’s handling of similar situations in Akamas and other regions. Georgiou also urged for a review of the current spatial planning.

The group’s dissatisfaction is set to be presented to a parliamentary committee next Wednesday, with Georgiou stating that the upcoming protest will serve as a platform to update the public on their dialogue with Mayor Vyras.

In defense of the project’s progression, Mayor Vyras stated that the Game and Fauna Service had specifically authorized works adjacent to the Pattichion amphitheater and other non-critical wildlife areas. He assured that all redevelopment efforts would strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by state departments, including the Game and Fauna Service, the Environmental Department, and the Forestry Department.

The unfolding situation in Larnaca highlights the delicate balance between urban development and environmental preservation, a topic that continues to garner significant public interest and debate. The outcome of the protest and subsequent committee discussions will be closely monitored by both residents and environmentalists alike.

The Cyprus Wetlands Conservation group has announced a protest event at Pattichion Park in Larnaca on March 16 at 2:30 p.m., demanding a halt to redevelopment works and an Environmental Impact Assessment

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