MTN Group’s 2023 tax contributions rise 12%, boosting lease agreements

MTN Group’s commitment to shared value in Africa extends beyond providing essential connectivity. In 2023, our total tax contribution to governments across all markets increased by more than 12% to R61.7 billion. This figure encompasses the direct corporate taxes we pay, indirect taxes, operating licence fees, payroll taxes, property rates, dividend taxes, and withholding taxes.

“Our total tax contribution is equivalent to the cost of building more than 500 high-quality schools,” notes MTN Group Chief Financial Officer Tsholo Molefe, adding that governments across our markets could use our total tax contribution (TTC) to invest in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and a wide range of other public services.

“Our commitment to paying our fair share of taxes supports the positive relationships we have with governments and communities; it also promotes stability and predictability in the business environment,” said Molefe, adding: “This not only attracts foreign investment but also creates new job opportunities, further stimulating economic growth across the continent.”

Transparency and Trust

To maintain transparency, MTN releases an annual Tax Report as part of its suite of reports. This year, we mark 30 years of connecting people and driving digital and financial inclusion. We recognise that the business’s growth in this time would not have been possible without the trust and support of our many stakeholders.

“We build public trust through transparency, including open communication about our tax affairs, including via our Tax Report,” Molefe said.

The report details our broader economic contribution across our markets – beyond the corporate taxes we pay. It also unpacks the evolving global tax environment, MTN’s approach to tax, tax governance, our TTC by market, as well as our effective tax rates.

In 2023, our West and Central Africa (WECA) region accounted for 39% of our independently assured total tax contribution. This was followed by Nigeria, with 31%; our Southern and East Africa (SEA) region at nearly 14%; and South Africa at almost 11%.

“We are very pleased to play our part in supporting Africa’s progress and encourage stakeholders to explore our Tax Report for a detailed look at our impact beyond the economic activity created through providing essential communications services across 17 African markets.”

For our 2023 Tax Report, please see MTN Group | home.


How did MTN Groups total tax contribution to African governments change in 2023?

In 2023, MTN Groups total tax contribution to African governments saw a significant increase, reflecting the companys robust financial performance and expanded operations across the continent. This uptick underscores MTNs growing economic impact and commitment to supporting local economies.

Can MTN Groups total tax contribution in 2023 boost Africas economy?

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