Cyprus Survey Highlights Single Mothers’ Financial Struggles After Divorce

Title: Survey Reveals Financial Struggles of Single Mothers in Cyprus Post-Divorce

In a recent discussion by the parliamentary human rights committee, it was brought to light that thousands of single mothers in Cyprus are grappling with severe financial problems. This issue was highlighted in a survey conducted over three years ago by the Ypatia Equality Foundation for the Justice Ministry, titled ‘The Financial Repercussions of Divorce’. Despite its potential as a tool for change, the findings have been left unutilized by authorities.

The survey, which has been submitted to the United Nations as part of the Republic’s data, indicates that seven out of ten single parents, predominantly women, are on the brink of financial collapse. They struggle to manage additional bills, raise their children, generate income, and service debt inherited from their former spouses. Alarmingly, more than half of these individuals live at or below the poverty line and face social exclusion. Additionally, one in three has lost their job following their divorce.

A divorced low-wage mother shared her plight: “I am having great difficulty in daily living, with a lack of basic nutrition needs, clothing for children, basic furnishings… with running bills, school needs, and rent tough to deal with.”

Employment statistics are equally concerning. Only 60% of divorced women hold full-time jobs, with 30% remaining unemployed. The survey also found that family and friends often provide more support than social protection services.

Financial woes extend beyond daily expenses. While over half of male divorcees faced housing issues after losing the family home, nearly 70% of single mothers struggle to keep up with mortgage payments. Social lives are also severely restricted, with eight out of ten single mothers limiting their activities to children’s functions.

The survey suggests that debt accumulated during marriage should be equitably shared post-divorce. Currently, single mothers often bear the burden of massive loans alone.

MPs have called on ministries to outline how they plan to leverage the survey’s insights. As the data sits idle, single mothers continue to navigate their challenging financial landscapes, underscoring the urgency for action and support from both the government and community.

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