Police Launch Seat Belt Safety Drive Ahead of Parade

**Police Launch Seat Belt Safety Campaign Amid Carnival Festivities**

In a bid to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities, the police force has announced a new initiative aimed at increasing seat belt usage and awareness. Starting tomorrow, law enforcement officers will be conducting a weeklong campaign with heightened patrols and checks on highways and urban main roads. This operation coincides with the bustling carnival period, culminating in the Grand Parade in Limassol on Sunday, March 17th.

The campaign is not just a local effort; it is part of a broader European endeavor in partnership with the European Police Traffic Network ROADPOL. Authorities across the continent are synchronizing their efforts to send a clear message about the importance of seat belt use, including for back seat passengers and the proper use of children’s safety chairs.

Recent data from 2020 to 2022 underscores the life-saving potential of seat belts. Statistics reveal that nearly 60% of individuals killed in road accidents, both drivers and passengers, were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the collision. Furthermore, global figures indicate a stark reality: 75% of people ejected from vehicles during crashes do not survive.

The police have expressed their dedication to this cause, stating, “We remain committed to the social service of keeping people safe on the road networks and preventing fatal and serious road collisions.” This statement emphasizes the critical role that seat belts and child safety chairs play in protecting lives.

As the community gears up for the vibrant carnival festivities, the police are urging everyone to make safety a top priority. By buckling up and ensuring children are securely fastened in appropriate safety chairs, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of severe injury or death in the event of an accident. The upcoming campaign serves as a timely reminder that a simple click can make all the difference on the road.

The police are launching a weeklong campaign focused on preventing fatal and serious road accidents and raising seat belt awareness, including for back seats and children's safety chairs

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