Cyprus Cabinet to Mull Medical Travel Subsidy Plan

In a recent announcement, President Nikos Christodoulides of Cyprus revealed that the cabinet is set to discuss a new initiative aimed at providing financial support for families accompanying patients who require medical treatment abroad. The plan, which includes subsidizing travel, accommodation, and food expenses, is expected to be deliberated on Wednesday.

During an event in Larnaca, President Christodoulides emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing the national healthcare system, stating that “we have an obligation as a state to respond and do the minimum we have to do, especially for the health and education sectors.” He expressed his aspiration for Cyprus to become self-sufficient in healthcare services, deeming it a success if the country could eliminate the need to send patients abroad for treatment.

Health Minister Michalis Damianos reported that last year, 1,523 patients were sent from Cyprus to various European countries for specialized medical procedures not available locally. These referrals were made to top-tier university clinics and reference centers in countries such as Germany, Israel, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, and Greece.

The proposed subsidy is part of a broader effort to support Cypriot citizens by ensuring access to quality health services. The Health Minister highlighted the extensive network of collaborations with leading hospitals across Europe, which allows for the immediate transfer of patients when necessary.

Both President Christodoulides and Health Minister Damianos agree on the importance of state responsibility in supporting patients who travel abroad for medical reasons. This initiative reflects the government’s dedication to modernizing and upgrading the national health system, known as Gesy.

The discussion of a “patient advocate” role is also on the agenda, aimed at further supporting patients’ needs. The Cypriot government’s efforts underscore its duty to provide necessary health services to its citizens, irrespective of local healthcare structures.

For more details on this developing story, follow the Cyprus Mail on Google News.

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