Migrant Rescue Operation Underway at Cape Greco

In a recent maritime operation off the coast of Cape Greco, Cyprus, authorities have successfully brought ashore 116 irregular migrants who were traveling aboard three boats. The Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reported that a total of six boats were initially detected, with the police managing to safely escort half of them to the Ayia Napa marina on Monday.

The first of the three boats carried 30 individuals, the second had 24, and the largest group of 62 migrants was aboard the third vessel. Upon arrival at the marina, officials recorded the personal details of all 116 migrants for processing.

Efforts are ongoing as two more boats are expected to reach the shore later in the evening. However, there is still one boat that remains at sea. The authorities have not yet provided further details regarding the status of the remaining boat or its occupants.

This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by coastal nations in managing irregular migration. Cyprus, situated at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, has been a point of entry for migrants seeking new opportunities in Europe.

The situation is being closely monitored, and updates are expected as the remaining boats are brought to safety. The Cyprus Mail is providing continuous coverage on this developing story and can be followed on Google News for the latest updates.


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