UCY and BoC Host Event to Explore Cypriot Dialect Myths

Title: UCY’s Second Science Café Debunks Myths Surrounding the Cypriot Dialect

In a recent gathering that illuminated the Cypriot dialect’s place in linguistic identity, the University of Cyprus (UCY) hosted its Second Science Café. The event, supported by the Bank of Cyprus (BoC), took place on February 29 at Aglantzia’s Caffè Nero, attracting linguists and language enthusiasts alike.

The café, aimed at dispelling myths about the Cypriot dialect, featured UCY Lecturer in Linguistics Spyros Armostis and acclaimed author Antonis Georgiou as hosts. Dr. Armostis emphasized the importance of engaging the public in scientific and artistic discourse, noting the keen interest in understanding the societal value of dialects. He addressed how such dialogues challenge entrenched misconceptions about language.

Author Georgiou, on the other hand, discussed the freedom of individuals to choose their linguistic medium for self-expression, highlighting that literary merit is derived from effective language use rather than form. Despite potential drawbacks like limited readership or critical reception, Georgiou underscored the significance of authentic expression.

The facilitators fielded numerous thought-provoking questions from the audience, covering topics such as language usage in education, the Cypriot dialect’s ability to convey complex ideas, its relationship with modern Greek, and the importance of preserving this unique linguistic heritage.

About the facilitators: Armostis is a respected academic with a PhD and MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. His research interests include phonetics, phonology, socio-linguistics, and clinical linguistics, with a focus on Cypriot Greek and Cypriot Arabic. Georgiou, a lawyer based in Limassol, has a distinguished literary career with national and international recognition, including awards and theatrical adaptations of his work.

The University of Cyprus organizes Science Cafés to promote informal interactions between scientists and the public, aiming to democratize knowledge and counter misinformation. These initiatives are part of UCY’s broader commitment to science communication, which also includes the Science Talks podcast series on Spotify that discusses various scientific topics, including linguistics and the Cypriot dialect.

Listeners can follow the Science Talks podcast channel for more insightful discussions on these subjects.

[Source: Cyprus Mail]

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