Former Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in South Carolina

Title: Former Boeing Whistleblower John Barnett Dies in Apparent Suicide Amid Legal Battle

In a somber development, John Barnett, a former Boeing employee who had become a whistleblower on the company’s production issues, has died from an apparent suicide, authorities in South Carolina reported. Barnett, who dedicated 32 years of service to Boeing before his departure in 2017, was found deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, confirmed the Charleston County coroner’s office. The Charleston City police are currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Barnett’s concerns about Boeing’s production practices came to light following a harrowing incident on January 5 involving a Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft. During the flight, a panel detached mid-air, necessitating an emergency landing after exposing passengers to the elements. This event was one of several that have since compelled Boeing to confront serious scrutiny regarding its safety and quality controls.

The aerospace giant has expressed its condolences in a statement, extending sympathies to Barnett’s family and friends during this difficult time. Meanwhile, Barnett’s legal counsel, Brian Knowles, has remained unavailable for comment. Knowles had previously disclosed to Corporate Crime Reporter that Barnett was actively engaged in a whistleblower lawsuit concerning the production of the 787 Dreamliner plane at the time of his death.

Boeing’s production woes have not only caused internal turmoil but have also rippled across the aerospace industry, leading to regulatory interventions and consequential delivery delays. The company continues to navigate through what has escalated into a full-blown crisis, as it works to restore trust in its commitment to safety and quality standards.

The tragic loss of John Barnett underscores the often challenging path faced by whistleblowers and the profound impact their actions can have on both personal and industry-wide levels.

John Barnett, a former Boeing employee who had raised concerns about the company's production issues, was found dead of an apparent suicide in South Carolina

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