Wall Gallery Continues Artful Healing at Oncology Centre

In a heartwarming blend of art and healing, The Wall Gallery continues its annual tradition of transforming the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre into a haven of artistic expression for the seventh consecutive year. This initiative not only enhances the centre’s environment for patients but also provides a valuable platform for young Cypriot artists to display their talents.

This year, The Wall Gallery’s collaboration with the oncology centre has been guided by the principles of creating a therapeutic environment, as outlined in a study by the Alternative Brains Rule (ABR) non-governmental organization and supported by the Bank of Cyprus. The gallery’s commitment to raising cancer awareness while fostering a positive atmosphere for patients is evident in the careful curation of artworks that align with these therapeutic standards.

The spotlight shines on Serbian painter Milenko Stevanonic, whose works are currently gracing the walls of the gallery. Stevanonic, who resides and creates in Cyprus, has crafted a series of pieces that delve into the interplay of light and shadow. His art captures a multitude of personal observations, melded into cohesive compositions through memory rather than isolated instances. These creations reflect on the nuanced beauty of nature, its core principles, and its inherent rhythms.

Stevanonic’s journey in art has taken him from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade to studying Design in Florence, and further honing his skills at Tokyo University of the Arts on a scholarship. An active member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia and the Visual Artists and Art Theorists Association – Phytorio, he has made his mark in international exhibitions and conferences.

The Wall Gallery’s history boasts exhibitions by renowned photographers such as Silvio Augusto Rusmigo and Eugene Kitsios, alongside visual art by Constantinos Hadjidimitri, Alexia Tryfon, and Simoni Philippou.

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, located at 32 Acropolis Avenue, Strovolos, Nicosia 2006, invites visitors to experience this unique intersection of art and wellness. For those interested in following The Wall Gallery’s endeavors or keeping up with local news, social media channels and platforms like Cyprus Mail on Google News offer regular updates.

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