Green Monday Feast Costs Rise by 4% in Cyprus

Title: Green Monday Feast in Cyprus Sees Mixed Price Changes, Market Survey Reveals

As Cypriots prepare for the traditional Green Monday feast, marking the beginning of fasting with a variety of greens, vegetables, salads, and grilled molluscs, a recent market survey indicates that the cost of basic items for the celebration will be approximately 4% higher this year. The Consumer Protection Service conducted the survey, analyzing prices for 70 common items across 77 supermarkets and fruit markets.

The survey found significant price fluctuations among fruits and vegetables. Fresh potatoes have seen a sharp increase of 44%, jumping from 72 cents per kilo last year to €1.03 this year. Jafa oranges are up by 35%, from €1.44 to €1.93 per kilo, while Merlin oranges have risen by 12%. Green leafy vegetables and mushrooms have also seen price hikes of 16% and 13%, respectively.

In contrast, several traditional favorites are notably cheaper this year. Celery roots have dropped by 40%, khol rabi by 53%, and greenhouse cucumbers by 40%. Additionally, white artichokes, Maltese artichokes, and tomatoes have seen price reductions ranging from 7% to 47%.

The Green Monday basket includes an assortment of fruit and vegetables, various types of halva, salads and dips, local olives, molluscs, bakery items, select wines, and charcoal brands. While the prices for halvas varied from a 15% decrease to a 5% increase, some salads and dips experienced significant price jumps. One brand of tahini is now 34% more expensive, mustard pickle costs 30% more, and a Greek aubergine salad is up by 48%.

Seafood prices also varied, with Pacific octopus averaging an 18% increase, while prices for cleaned cuttlefish went up by 22%. However, another brand of cuttlefish saw a price drop of 21%. Following European trends, black Cyprus olives are now 8% more expensive, and the ‘cracked’ green tsakistes olives have increased by 6%.

The Consumer Protection Service conducted the sampling on March 14 and cautions that the prices listed are indicative. Consumers are advised to remain vigilant when comparing quality, brands, packaging, and shops to ensure the best value for their Green Monday festivities.

Green Monday feast

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