Limassol Police Seek Four for Construction Site Vandalism

Title: Arrest Warrants Issued for Four Suspects in Limassol Construction Site Vandalism

In a recent development, police in Limassol have issued arrest warrants for four individuals implicated in the vandalism of a construction site and the assault on its workers. The incident, which took place at approximately 8 pm on Friday, has raised concerns over security at construction sites in the area.

According to reports, the disturbance began when three construction company employees residing on-site were alerted by loud noises. They discovered two intruders descending the stairs of the partially built structure. Although one suspect was briefly detained by the workers, the other fled the scene. Concurrently, four assailants arrived in a vehicle and launched an attack on the workers, successfully extricating their accomplice in the process.

The aftermath of the confrontation left one worker with facial injuries severe enough to require hospital treatment; he has since been released. The other two employees also sustained injuries but declined medical attention.

The police have disclosed that a room on the first floor of the building suffered damage due to the vandalism. However, the full extent and cost of the destruction are still under assessment. Investigators have gathered evidence pointing to the four suspects now on the wanted list. Notably, one of them is allegedly owed €900 by the construction company, which could potentially serve as a motive for the attack.

As the authorities continue their search for the suspects, the construction company and local community are left to deal with the repercussions of this violent episode. The incident underscores the need for improved safety measures on construction sites to protect both property and personnel.

For ongoing updates on this story, readers can follow Cyprus Mail on Google News.

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