Limassol Expands Traffic Monitoring with 10 New Cameras

**Limassol Province Expands Traffic Light Monitoring System to Enhance Road Safety**

Starting Tuesday, March 19th, the Limassol province will witness a significant expansion of its traffic light monitoring system, with the activation of ten new fixed cameras across three strategic locations. This initiative is part of a concerted effort to curb road violations and enhance safety for all road users.

At the bustling junction of Franklin Roosevelt and Omonia avenues, four of these new devices will be operational, designed to detect a range of infractions including running red lights, crossing the white line, and exceeding speed limits. Motorists navigating this area will need to exercise additional caution and adhere strictly to traffic rules.

Similarly, another set of four cameras will be vigilant at the intersection of Nikos Pattichis and Spyros Kyprianou avenues. These devices are equipped to monitor the same set of violations, ensuring that drivers remain compliant with traffic laws at all times.

The remaining two cameras will be positioned along the vertical road connecting Limassol Port to Kato Polemidia. These will specifically focus on monitoring vehicle speeds, a critical factor in preventing accidents and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.

Authorities have emphasized that the primary goal of enhancing the traffic light monitoring system is to reduce the occurrence of fatal and serious road accidents. By doing so, they also aim to instill a culture of proper road awareness among drivers.

As the new cameras become operational, residents and visitors in Limassol are reminded to stay alert and respect traffic signals. The expansion of the traffic light monitoring system is a clear indication of the province’s commitment to promoting road safety and preventing unnecessary tragedies caused by traffic violations.

The traffic light monitoring system will be expanded in the Limassol province with ten new fixed cameras starting from Tuesday, March 19th

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