Cyprus Launches Amalthea Plan for Gaza Aid, Gains Global Support

Title: Cyprus Spearheads International Humanitarian Effort with “Amalthea” Plan

In a significant move that has garnered international attention, Cyprus has successfully commenced its humanitarian aid mission to Gaza, with President Nikos Christodoulides announcing the return of the first ship and the imminent dispatch of a second. This initiative, known as the “Amalthea” plan, has placed Cyprus in the global spotlight, reflecting the country’s commitment to providing relief to those in need.

Speaking to journalists at the Presidential Palace, President Christodoulides expressed his satisfaction with the international recognition the initiative has received. “It is an initiative of Cyprus,” he stated, emphasizing that it was a collective effort rather than a personal one. The president highlighted the widespread international interest in the mission, noting that both he and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have been in contact with numerous countries eager to enhance the aid provided.

The Cypriot government’s objective is to maximize humanitarian assistance to Gaza. To this end, President Christodoulides revealed that cooperation is underway with multiple countries, including those that have endorsed the Declaration and others planning to visit Cyprus to witness the humanitarian mission firsthand.

A pivotal development in this international endeavor is the creation of a special fund dedicated to financing the purchase of humanitarian aid. This fund will draw contributions from countries willing to support the cause financially. President Christodoulides expressed his pleasure at the establishment of this fund and the international support it signifies, underscoring that such efforts are always in service to the benefit of Cyprus and those in need.

The “Amalthea” plan not only demonstrates Cyprus’s role as a proactive player on the international stage but also sets a precedent for collaborative humanitarian efforts. With the successful return of the first ship and preparations for the next shipment underway, Cyprus continues to lead by example in providing vital assistance to Gaza.

President Nikos Christodoulides announced the return of the first ship and the readiness to dispatch a second ship with humanitarian aid to Gaza

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