Council Orders Chippy Owner to Remove Patriotic Mural

A Colorful Controversy: London Chip Shop Mural Faces Council Criticism

In the bustling streets of Greenwich, London, a vibrant mural has become the center of a heated debate. The Golden Chippy, a beloved local fish and chip shop owned by British Cypriot Chris Kanizi, is under scrutiny by the local council for its eye-catching artwork. The mural, which proudly displays the Union flag and humanoid fish alongside the phrase ‘A Great British Meal,’ has been deemed “inappropriate for the area” and an “unauthorised advert.”

Chris Kanizi, 65, who has been serving up the nation’s favorite dish for two decades, finds himself at odds with Greenwich council once again. His previous clash involved a 17ft sign that hung above his shop’s door. Despite these challenges, Kanizi’s establishment soared to acclaim when it was named London’s top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor in 2016.

The contentious artwork outside the Golden Chippy has sparked a number of complaints, according to the council. However, Kanizi disputes this claim, stating, “Everyone who has talked to me say they love it.” He believes the mural brings joy to the community and has become a popular backdrop for photos among his international clientele.

Kanizi has resolved to maintain the £250 mural for as long as possible, despite not being given a specific date by which it must be painted over. “I’m going to stick it out for as long as I can,” he declared, emphasizing the positive reception the mural has received from visitors and locals alike.

The council continues its investigation into the mural, which it considers an unauthorised advertisement for the chip shop. Meanwhile, Kanizi stands beside his creation, hopeful that the splash of color and creativity can remain a part of Greenwich’s landscape. As this culinary landmark faces an uncertain future, supporters of the Golden Chippy and its mural wait to see if this piece of community art can withstand the test of time and regulation.

Kanizi outside the chippy next to the mural (Photo: The Telegraph)


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