EU Minister Raouna Heads to Brussels for Key Council Talks

Deputy Minister Raouna Engages in Key EU Discussions in Brussels

In a significant move for European collaboration, Deputy Minister for Europe Marilena Raouna is set to participate in pivotal discussions at the EU General Affairs Council in Brussels this Tuesday. The Council’s agenda is packed with critical topics, including the European Semester 2024 report and a forward-looking debate on the Future of Europe.

According to a recent press release from the presidency, the General Affairs Council will play a crucial role in setting the stage for the upcoming European Council meeting scheduled for March 21-22, 2024. High on the European Council’s agenda are pressing issues such as security and defense, the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine, volatile developments in the Middle East, and challenges surrounding EU enlargement.

Amidst the formal proceedings, Deputy Minister Raouna will engage in bilateral meetings with her French and Swedish counterparts, discussing matters of mutual interest and strengthening diplomatic ties. These interactions underscore the importance of collaborative efforts among EU member states in addressing contemporary geopolitical challenges.

In addition to the General Affairs Council, Raouna is slated to attend an extraordinary session of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. This meeting will focus on tackling the complexities that have emerged due to the EU’s Enlargement policy. The Deputy Minister’s participation highlights Cyprus’s active role in shaping the EU’s approach to expansion and integration.

Raouna’s agenda also includes a meeting with Alessandro Chiocchetti, Secretary General of the European Parliament, further emphasizing the importance of inter-institutional dialogue within the EU framework.

The series of meetings and deliberations in Brussels mark a critical juncture for EU policy-making, with Cyprus playing a key role in shaping the discourse. As Europe faces a myriad of challenges, the outcomes of these discussions are eagerly anticipated by member states and observers alike.

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European Council meeting

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