Coperni Unveils Air Swipe Bag Made of NASA-Developed Material

Revolutionizing Fashion with Science: The Air Swipe Bag Takes Paris by Storm

Paris Fashion Week witnessed a groundbreaking moment as the Air Swipe Bag, a collaboration between Coperni and Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, founding dean at the American University of Cyprus, made its ethereal debut on the Fall/Winter 2024 runway. Dubbed ‘a piece of sky you can hold’, the bag is a testament to the fusion of science, art, and high fashion.

Michaloudis, renowned for his pioneering work with silica aerogel—a material developed by NASA to capture stardust—has been exploring its artistic potential for over two decades. The Air Swipe Bag, crafted from this lightest solid material on Earth, is his latest venture into the world of couture. The challenge was to create this marvel in just 90 days, a feat that required overcoming significant logistical hurdles, including the acquisition of specialized chemicals from Germany.

The bag’s design is not only a showcase of Michaloudis’ scientific expertise but also a symbol of sustainability in fashion. Weighing a mere 33 grams, its durability is surprising, capable of withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures. The light-blue hue, reminiscent of the sky, adds to its allure, reflecting the light through the material’s nanopores.

This innovative accessory challenges the disposable culture prevalent in the fashion industry. Its durability and reusability point towards a sustainable future where eco-friendly practices become the norm. Michaloudis’ work exemplifies the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration to unlock new possibilities. “The material is between something that does and something that does not exist. It too is in this in-between state, like an angelic state,” he reflects on the nature of silica aerogel.

As the Air Swipe Bag captivates imaginations, it serves as a reminder that the future of fashion lies in reimagining the potential of materials and their applications. With Michaloudis at the helm of this artistic and scientific journey, the boundaries between what is possible and impossible continue to blur, creating a new narrative for fashion’s future—one where beauty, functionality, and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Silica aerogel bag

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