Elon Musk Credits Ketamine Prescription for Enhanced Focus

Elon Musk Defends Ketamine Use, Asserts It’s Beneficial for Tesla Investors

In a candid video interview with former CNN anchor Don Lemon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defended his use of ketamine, stating that it is advantageous for the company’s investors. The interview, which covered a range of topics from politics to content moderation on social media, was posted online and has since sparked widespread discussion.

Musk, who also leads SpaceX and the social media platform X, addressed concerns about his mental health by explaining that the prescription drug helps him manage a “negative chemical state,” which he likened to depression. He emphasized the importance of execution for Wall Street and suggested that anything that aids his performance should be continued. “For investors, if there’s something I’m taking, I should keep taking it,” Musk asserted.

The conversation with Lemon comes after a Wall Street Journal investigation earlier this year reported on Musk’s alleged use of various drugs, including LSD and cocaine, raising alarms among executives and board members at his companies. The report highlighted the potential risks to SpaceX’s government contracts due to federal policies against illegal drug use.

In response to the Journal’s findings, Musk revealed on X that he had agreed to three years of random drug testing by NASA, with no traces of drugs or alcohol found. During the interview, Musk clarified that he has a doctor’s prescription for ketamine and estimated his usage at “a small amount every other week.”

Lemon’s decision to release the interview on platforms like YouTube and X follows a recent announcement that Musk had canceled an exclusive partnership with “The Don Lemon Show.” This move has only added to the intrigue surrounding Musk’s personal life and its impact on his business ventures.

As the public digests Musk’s revelations, investors and industry watchers alike will be keenly observing any potential repercussions on Tesla’s market performance and SpaceX’s government dealings. The full interview can be found online, providing an unfiltered glimpse into one of the most talked-about CEOs in today’s business world.

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