Cyprus Tourist Arrivals Rise 5% in February 2024

Tourism in Cyprus Shows Promising Recovery

The latest figures released on Tuesday have brought a wave of optimism to the tourism industry in Cyprus, as tourist arrivals in February showed a significant recovery from the slump experienced in January. With a five percent increase compared to last year’s data, the tourism sector is witnessing encouraging signs of resurgence.

Indeed, the first two months of 2024 have seen a cumulative increase in tourist arrivals by 1.6 percent, a noteworthy achievement considering 2023 was a record-breaking year for the industry. February alone boasted an impressive count of 125,034 tourist arrivals, a solid improvement from the 119,081 visitors recorded in February of the previous year.

The United Kingdom remains the leading contributor to Cyprus’s tourism, with British visitors representing 24.6 percent of the total arrivals in February. This was closely followed by tourists from Poland, Israel, and Greece, highlighting the diverse appeal of Cyprus as a travel destination.

Notably, the majority of February’s visitors traveled for leisure, with vacationers making up 66.8 percent of the total arrivals. The remaining visitors were split between those visiting friends or relatives (17.8 percent) and those traveling for business purposes (14.2 percent).

Concurrently, Cypriot residents are also exploring international horizons with trips abroad increasing by almost 12 percent over the previous year. The favored destinations for Cypriots were Greece, the United Kingdom, and Italy, with holidays being the primary motive for travel.

This positive trend in both inbound and outbound travel suggests a robust recovery and growing confidence in the travel sector. As Cyprus continues to attract tourists with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, the industry looks forward to maintaining this upward trajectory through 2024.

For more detailed updates on Cyprus’s tourism and other news, readers can follow the Cyprus Mail on Google News.

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