Elderly Care Neglected by Government, MPs Assert

Elderly Care Concerns Highlighted in Cyprus

In a recent House Labour committee meeting, the plight of the elderly in Cyprus was brought into sharp focus. Andreas Kafkalias, chairman of the committee and Akel MP, expressed frustration over the government’s lack of action on issues affecting senior citizens. “The elderly’s problems are not the government’s priority,” Kafkalias stated, highlighting that concerns raised six years ago have yet to be addressed.

One of the critical issues discussed was the institutional care allowance. Kafkalias pointed out that while the allowance stands at €750 per month, the actual costs for such care often surpass €1,400 monthly, leaving a significant financial gap for many families. Furthermore, he shed light on the stalled initiative to install “red buttons” in homes for emergency assistance—a project pending since 2019 without any progress updates.

The matter of pension payments was also on the agenda, with plans to summon the social welfare deputy minister to answer questions on the topic in an upcoming meeting. Disy MP Fotini Tsiridou echoed the urgency of addressing these issues, adding that car insurance premiums for drivers over 70 have seen a notable increase compared to those for younger drivers. Tsiridou also criticized the recent five percent increase in low-income pensioners’ allowance as insufficient, often translating to a mere three to eleven euros—hardly a meaningful raise in today’s economic climate.

These discussions underscore a growing concern for the welfare of the elderly in Cyprus, with calls for immediate attention and action from the government. As the population ages, the need for comprehensive and affordable care solutions becomes increasingly critical. Stakeholders and citizens alike await responses and tangible actions that will improve the lives of senior members of their communities.

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