Tourist Bus Association Seeks Solution for Driver Shortage

Small Tourist Bus Association Calls for Action Against Driver Shortage and Unfair Competition

In a recent statement, the Small Tourist Bus Association, operating under the KEVE authority, has highlighted the urgent need for qualitative enhancement in the tourism sector’s public transportation services. The Association has identified a critical shortage of professional bus drivers as a pressing issue that requires immediate attention from both the government and Parliament.

As the tourism industry strives for excellence, the lack of skilled drivers threatens to disrupt the smooth operation of transportation services. This shortage not only impacts the efficiency of travel for tourists but also poses a significant challenge to the sector’s reputation for quality service.

The Association has also expressed concerns over the longstanding practice of taxis and small tourist buses from occupied areas entering free regions of Cyprus. This two-decade-old issue has led to conditions of unfair competition, as these vehicles are not merely transporting tourists but are also engaging in regular transport activities across the island.

This encroachment into the territory of local businesses has a considerable negative impact on the members of the Association and the broader tourism industry. The practice goes beyond healthy competition, potentially undermining the economic stability of local transportation providers.

In response to these challenges, the Association is calling upon the government to implement effective mechanisms that will protect local businesses from such unfair competition. The goal is to ensure a level playing field where all operators can contribute positively to Cyprus’s tourism industry without being disadvantaged by external factors.

The Small Tourist Bus Association remains committed to advocating for the interests of its members and ensuring that Cyprus remains a top destination with a reliable and high-quality transportation system. The call to action is clear: it’s time for decisive measures to address these critical issues for the benefit of the entire tourism sector.

The Small Tourist Bus Association, under KEVE, is focusing on improving the quality of services in the tourism and public transportation sectors

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