Paphos Tourism Faces Uncertainty Amid Israel Conflict

Concerns Rise Over Potential Tourism Impact in Paphos Amid Middle East Conflict

In the picturesque coastal city of Paphos, known for its archaeological treasures and beautiful beaches, the tourism industry is facing a cloud of uncertainty. Despite the resilience shown post-pandemic, with a surge in tourist arrivals, local stakeholders are voicing concerns over the potential tourism impact in 2024 if the conflict in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, continues to escalate.

Angelos Onisiforou, the president of the Paphos Leisure Centers Owners Association, spoke with Phileleftheros about the current situation. He noted that while domestic tourism remains robust, international tourism-centric businesses are beginning to feel the strain. Onisiforou highlighted that cancellations are coming in from Israelis who had previously planned holidays or weddings in Cyprus, optimistic that the military operations that flared up at the end of 2023 would have subsided by now.

The concern is not limited to leisure centers. The hotel sector is also expressing similar worries. Evelin Cleanthous Komodromou, vice president of Paphos Hoteliers Association (PASYXE), pointed out to Phileleftheros that Israel is currently the second most important tourist market for Cyprus. Komodromou emphasized the dual nature of the crisis, acknowledging not only the economic repercussions but also the human tragedy unfolding due to the invasion in Israel.

The situation remains highly fluid, with businesses along Kato Paphos’s coastal front, Coral Bay area, and those in Polis Chrysochous noting a drop in reservations and an atmosphere of uncertainty. The ongoing military developments in the neighboring country are casting a shadow over what was once a bustling tourist hotspot.

Stakeholders like Onisiforou and Komodromou hope for a swift and favorable resolution to the conflict, as they navigate through these challenging times. The resilience of Paphos’s tourism industry is being tested once again, and all eyes are on the unfolding events in the Middle East that could shape its future.

- Tourism in Paphos has not yet been significantly affected by the conflict in Israel, but there is concern about potential impacts in 2024

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